Disbursements to Date (1992-2014)
The table below shows ASHRAYA’s disbursements to beneficiary organizations since inception in 1992 up to and inclusive of 2014. Some salient points to note:

  1. Total disbursements in the years 1992-2014 is $273,294 out of which $24,300 is pass-through funding (Beneficiary organization specific funds passed through ASHRAYA) and $248,981 is direct funding (Project specific funds directly disbursed to beneficiary organizations)

  2. The $248,981 worth project funding includes joint funding from partner organizations (AIF in the years 2003-2006, OPEN INDIA in 2014) worth $51,712

  3. Organization was in hiatus from 1996 to 1998 since the founder was doing his MBA
  4. The numbers shown below do NOT include one-time funds raised and disbursed for Tsunami Relief in the years 2004-05. We collaborated with ARIBA (where the founder-president is employed) and AIF for a double matching program for Tsunami Disaster Relief. We also worked with ARIBA to nominate AIF as one of the four recipients of ARIBA’s Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund; and with AIF to ensure that they would also match ARIBA’s contribution dollar for dollar; thus effectuating 4:1 contribution leverage. As part of this arrangement, ARIBA contributed $31,000 towards Tsunami Disaster Relief in March 2005 (1/4th of its employees’ contributions + 100% match). With AIF’s matching contribution, this led to a total contribution of $62,000 towards Tsunami Relief; in addition, we also raised $6,952 on our own and donated to AIF in FY04

  5. ASHRAYA does not have any overheads because the founders absorb all operating expenses
  6. We keep very low balances in ASHRAYA’s accounts (typically $1,000 by year end), since all donations are used for disbursements in the same year.

  7. Average direct project funding in the last (2003-2014) has been $17,730 per year ($13,421 without considering partner funds)

Year Pass Through Funding1 Direct Funding2 Partner Funding3
1992 1500
1993 2,500
1994 2,500
1995 2,500
1996 3,500
1997 Hiatus
1998 Hiatus
1999 2,300 3,300
2000 3,400 6,900
2001 5,000 7,600
2002 5,922
2003 2,450 7,129
2004 5,000 30,110 15,828
2005 5,962 32,469 18,522
2006 201 19,489 9,662
2007 11,943
2008 10,079
2009 7,326
2010 9,192
2011 8,232
2012 12,952
2013 8,579
2014 3,546 7,700
Totals4,5 24,313 1,97,269 51,712

  1. Beneficiary organization specific funds passed through ASHRAYA
  2. Project specific funds directly disbursed to beneficiary organizations
  3. Funding provided by partner funding organizations (AIF) for specific projects (included in Direct Funding)
  4. All overhead expenses absorbed by founders
  5. Year end balances always managed to be around $1,000

Fund Sources

In the recent past, ASHRAYA has relied on the following fund sources:

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Chief Patron, Mr. Ashwin Rangan, who is the CIO of Edward Life Sciences
  3. Project-specific funds from larger fund-raising organizations like Heart and Hand for the Handicapped (HHH) and America-India Foundation A(IF)
  4. Funds raised on behalf of beneficiary organizations through sales of materials made by the physically challenged (e.g. handicraft items made by the visually challenged)

ASHRAYA has not solicited funds from the general public (through fliers) nor through fund-raising events in the past. The table below shows the funds generated from various sources since inception.

Funding Source Amount, $
Pass-through Donations (for Specific Organizations) 24,313
Joint Funding from larger Funding Organizations (HHH,AIF) 51,712
Founders, Chief Patron & Individual Donors 1,97,269
Total Funds Raised 2,73,294