ASHRAYA management is (President, Treasurer, Trustees) fully run by volunteers based in the US and India. All management members of Ashraya have alternative primary careers and work on Ashraya-related matters in their spare time. In accordance to our edicts, all management members bear any incidental expenses involved in their activities. ASHRAYA’s 16 paid staff (full-time and part-time) are all involved in Project Terra Firma activities in the project area (project advisers, project coordinators, program teachers and librarians)

  • Vasuki Subbarao

    President: Vasuki Subbarao (55) currently works as Senior Manager, Customer Insights, Amazon Inc.”.

    Phone: +1 404 457 1073

    EMAIL: Vasuki.Subbarao@Gmail.Com

  • Jayanthi Rajagopal

    Budget Coordinator: Jayanthi Rajagopal (49) has a MS in Economics (Mysore University) and an MBA in Finance (Rider University, NJ). She worked in various positions (supply market analyst, internal auditor, product marketing specialist, senior financial analyst) at British Petroleum for over 8 years.

    Phone: +1 404 457 5455


  • Harish Malige

    Indian Coordinator: Harish Malige is based in Kollegal, Karnataka, India and manages Project Terra Firma full time.

    Phone: +91 990 138 3866


  • Savukar Raj

    Local Project Coordinators (Terra Firma): Savukar Raj is a science teacher in Kannur Government Higher Primary School.

    Phone: +91 998 657 9754


  • Shiva Kumar

    Local Project Coordinators (Terra Firma): Shiva Kumar is a social studies teacher in Kannur Government Higher Primary School.

    Phone: +91 990 241 8961

  • paul-raj

    Paul Raj

    Paul Raj has been one of the guiding factors in Project Terra Firma. When he was the Head Master of Kannur Higher Primary School (retired in 2012).

  • librarians


    The librarians at Arivina Aramane (Anitha, Gulza Begum, Manjula, Rajamma and Nagarathna) are the moments of truth for PROJECT TERRA FIRMA.